“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with an array of  incredible athletes and actors in my 20 years of directing, from William Shatner to Tom Brady. I recently did a Lexus project and got the pleasure of meeting and working with Downhill Skater phenomena Josh Neuman. I was extremely impressed by the extent of his talent. Not only his extreme sports talent, but the way he carried himself on and off camera. Aware, respectful and appreciative to everyone around him. These are the qualities of people I don’t forget. 

Josh is a true filmmaker himself and that made a huge difference to the end result.  He has a way of collaborating that is very smart and intuitive to the storytelling which is key to make content stand out these days.

To put it plainly, I was BLOWN away by Josh Neuman’s character, performance and talent and with his help the project was a home run.  I hope to have the opportunity to work with him soon again.”

Warren Kushner, Owner and Director – KFilms



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